Language Arts

Come journey with us as we improve our writing and language skills in order to communicate more quickly and efficiently! Learn about cultures from around the world, write your own sitcom, focus on learning calligraphy and more.

Performing/Drama Arts

Always dreamed of performing in front of an audience? Then join in the fun as we perform popular movies and shows. Learn how to add choreography, develop vocal projection and improve stage presence.

Dance Arts

From ballet to tap to hip hop to jazz, we have classes to fit every dancer! Have fun while learning new techniques and improving rhythm, coordination and counting.

Martial Arts

Our martial arts program combines athletic training and hand/ eye coordination as we seek to build and improve the students’ self-esteem, focus and health. Children will learn the positive benefits of self-discipline, strength and coordination through a developmental belt system and curriculum.


Our STEAM classes include hands-on activities as we learn about the properties of arts and science, the function of technology, the building blocks of engineering while honing math and measuring skills. Students develop logical thinking skills through problem solving while developing creativity.

Fine Arts

Do you love to draw or paint? Our fine arts classes are created to bring out the inner mathematician, artist, scientist, and thinker through weekly art and design projects. We offer knitting, architecture, crafts and more!

Movement Arts

Get outside and have some fun with our movement arts classes!