Fall Session

DZ Arts Development – Fall Session

Important: We are currently using Jumbula for our registration system. Please follow the instructions below the first time you register:

1. Upon clicking on any “Enroll Now” button below, you will be redirected to Jumbula.

2. Jumbula requires that you create an account. On a computer, select the “New user” tab. On a mobile device, click on “New member?” (above “Already a member”). Fill in your email address, confirm your email address and enter a password you choose (this is NOT the DZ Arts Development password the school has provided) and click “Sign Up” to create an account. Please save the login credentials as you will need them for future registrations.

3. Next, enter the DZ Arts Development password that your school has provided to access the registration page.

4. Choose the classes you would like to register for and click the “Continue” button.

5. Click on the “A new participant” button to proceed to the registration form. (For future registrations, click on your child’s name to proceed.)

The account and participant information is stored in Jumbula and is only required the first time you register. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Any Eligible Discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Registration Tips and Fixes:

What is the best way to register?

Try Registering using the Chrome Browser or your mobile device.

Transaction Does Not Process?

If transaction gets declined, try using a different cc to reprocess. Even if you approve a fraud attempt, Jumbula will not allow you to reprocess using the same card unless you cancel your registration and start from the beginning.

Transaction does not go through?

Try checking the address associated with the card and details specific to your card.

If you are still experiencing a “glitch” in registration we suggest you clear your cookies and cache and start your registration from scratch and additionally turning mobile devices off /on. We are unable to control any software glitches but find this software the number one rated registration software available to date.

We suggest any software glitches be addressed directly at:  contact@Jumbula.com